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Pay Per Click Strategies And Updates For October 2018

  • Can’t decide whether to display your ad on Instagram Feed or Stories? Here’s a great research article on which type of ad perform better on Instagram Feed & Stories.
  • From now on, you will be able to use smart bidding for search partners sites as well
  • Instagram stories Ads is proving beneficial to the advertisers. Here’ how.
  • Instagram is now giving access to shopping in stories to selected businesses.
  • Here’s the reason behind increase in impressions for sponsored brand campaigns on Amazon.
  • It doesn’t come as a surprise that Amazon is now the 3rd largest digital ad seller in US.
  • Amazon is packing its search results with sponsored ads.
  • Quora has introduced a broad targeting Which can be beneficial for some advertisers since Quora now boast of 300 million active users.
  • Due to the strict EU laws, Google is now compelled to include third party comparison shopping sites within Google Shopping results.
  • Google recently updated Responsive display ads to include a new layout and additional options for testing.
  •  Want to know why Google Ads optimize fails to show your best ads & how to solve it? Click here.
  • Google announced two new ad formats for retail and brand advertisers.
  • Soon you will be able to see an option for Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn.
  • Google Ads Exact match now Incorporating intent.
  • Are you using responsive search ads? Here’s how you can utilize it to the fullest.
  • Google is removing the possibility to prevent display ads from being shown in apps.
  • Here are eight of the most common issues to avoid when moving from manual to automated bidding.
  • IF functions are another way pay-per-click (PPC) marketers can create unique ads.
  • Google has introduced Vertical video ads on YouTube. It surely is a welcome move By Google since 70% of the users access YouTube via mobile, and showing ads to viewers according to their viewing reference will obviously yield better results.


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