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Impact Of WordPress Themes On Rankings

Google’s John Mueller has discussed the impact of WordPress Themes Logo on SEO. According to him, rankings are affected when one changes the theme of a WordPress website. The various details that the website themes can determine are as follows:

  • Content display
  • Internal links
  • Page load time
  • Content options
  • Structured data use

John further added that you should try various themes on a test website before finalizing one of them. You can also add some content from your site and note the details while keeping the above points in mind.

John also recommends that you follow some additional steps, such as:

Factors that can affect page speed load times:

  • Faulty coding & un-optimized CSS, javascript.
  • Need for multiple plugins.
  • Excessive loading of internal or external resources.

Final takeaway

You can always take certain steps to ensure that your WordPress themes do not affect your ranking, such as:

  • Select your website theme wisely.
  • Faster load times should be your main goal.
  • Some themes claim they are SEO-friendly, but still, test them.
  • Prefer using Gutenberg-based editors (aka, Gutenberg blocks builders).

Remember to block the indexing of your test website.

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