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Turningstones (verb)
turn·​ing·​stones | ˈtər-niŋstōnz
Definition of turningstones

(1): creatively strategic digital marketing agency in Houston & LA

(2) a: physical condition of seeking, evaluating, and executing all opportunities

b:  to go or to never know

c: to leave no stone unturned

We are Turningstones.

Years Experience
Cups of Coffee

Started in 2011 by internet marketing professional, Liz Robinson.

Liz leads and creatively directs all projects remotley
with a highly skilled team of multimedia professionals.

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Your creatively strategic partner.

Marketing agency in Houston &
Los Angeles.

Over 20 Years Experience

As head of Turningstones and a media career professional, Liz and her teams have developed countless websites for companies big and small.

Innovating Processes

Each project is taken through an innovative process that Liz has designed over the last 10 years, yet continues to refine to create the best possible experience. We use a combination of online tools and milestones to ensure that your project goes from execution to completion with the best end product.

Developing Comprehensive Strategies

It’s our goal to help you build your brand, generate more targeted leads, and bring in more sales. As a full-service internet marketing creative agency, we act as a creative partner to help our clients develop a comprehensive, sound marketing strategy.

Building Brands

The Turningstones team takes the time to get to know you and your business so we understand your unique offerings. We can incorporate a seamless array of marketing collateral from print to video to digital media to showcase your brand and speak to your customer.

About Liz Robinson, M.S.

Skilled media
marketer, and

Liz holds a Master of Science in Internet Marketing and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive Media Design.

While teaching college and taking on several side projects, Liz has honed a devoted and unbreakable determination towards both life and career; and loves to use those qualities to help others claim their place on the web in a beautiful and charming way.

Liz Robinson

Liz Robinson is a skilled media designer, marketer, and instructor with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started designing websites at the age of 13. As an artist and a communicator, Liz enjoys the liberty to choose any media format and finds fulfillment in all projects, whether it is web, video, print, or a mixture of mediums.

Liz Robinson

CEO & Creative Director

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