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Where are Old Reports in the New Google Search Console?

Google is slowly moving features and data from the old Search Console to the new one. However, not all are happy with the way data is presented within the new search console because many reports are missing from it. Although Google has promised that all the data will be available...

2018 SEO Survey + SEO Changes to Make in 2019

Happy New Year! Moz has released the 2018 local search ranking factors last month & it reveals a lot about the upcoming big changes in the SEO world. If you are looking for accurate predictions, or just want to stay updated about the current trends, we recommend reading the full...

Notable Changes in SEO World Through 2018

We have witnessed some big changes in the SEO world in 2018. From big algorithm updates to mobile first indexing & changes in Google search console, there is a lot to catch up on. Search Ranking and Algorithm Updates Speed update. Google pre-announced that they will be launching the Speed...

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